Some 12AT7s that will work just fine as phase inverters V6 will crackle and hiss in this position. I’ll do an A: Very little attention has been paid to the important role that a certain tube plays in most guitar amps. This one is the winner for current production tubes and beats most NOS options! It does have a bit more fatness and a bit less harshness than the above tubes but lacks real warmth and definition. No registered users and 6 guests.

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No registered users and 6 guests. 12a7t available today were made in late 70s and early 80s. It’s a reverb driver tube. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. Jul 10, 7.

Muchxs uses 12au7s in his hand loads for his 12 gauge. DaveKSAug 10, I’m not sure if they’re made for those applications or not but people sell them like they’re the best thing This is used as an oscillator for the tremolo circuit and has absolutely no effect on tone.

Some customers say that the CVs remove an overly “surfy” reverb tone which can result from using a low end 12AT7. If cost is no object, the Telefunken ECCS – though it might be too much tube beat a lowly reverb driver. Your name or email address: This one is the winner for current production tubes and beats most NOS options!


The Best Reverb Driver Tubes –

Buy bfst and put one in the phase inverter too. This post to me got bset right, the Mullard cv is the best. I’ve got hold of 2 tad 12at7 are they any better than GT? Often, one of these substitutes is used to reduce harshness in the first stage of an amp.

It carries a higher price too. Printer2 suggestion is good too, but only if you want a very hifi sounding tube that helps the splash. A new production phase inverter should often be replaced when gest power tubes if it is more than a year old. Aug 10, If I was building low-priced mass produced amps, I would probably choose this tube for it’s balance of acceptable tone and low price.

Jul 10, 2.

And their not hard to find or to expensive for nos. This tube gives me the quintessential reverb tone I’d personally prefer: They’re both pretty good sounding in that application, though.

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However it has a bit less bottom end fullness roundness than the JAN Philips. SilverfaceAug 7, Of course, I don’t recommend turning up your reverb level so high that the tonal differences are that critical.


I bought what should be a ‘lifetime’ supply of JAN Phillips 12AT7s and s while I was at it to keep me going while they’re still readily available and not insanely priced. The signal levels in this stage of the amp are fairly high and when the amp is driven hard the PI tube can be driven to clipping so that’s how we tested them, with the amp driven to a fairly distorted level and then reduced to clean for confirmation that the tone remained consistent when not clipped.

12AT7 Tube Reviews for guitar amp phase inverters

RCA 12AT7 is the tube that Fender originally used when designing, building, and selling those amps originally. I would not worry about the type of 12AT7 driving the tank. One of those is a good choice. No, create an account now.

Blue StratJul 10,